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Høsttur i sola med husky

Jotunheimen Husky Lodge is surrounded by a numinous mountain pine forest at Randsverk in Vågå – at the gateway to Jotunheimen and close to the wondrous village Heidalen. You’ll have a hard time finding a more adventurous area for dog sledding – read more about it:


Gruppetur i Jotunheimen
Northern Europe’s second highest mountain pass offers amazing dog sledding. Surrounded by 2000-meter peaks, you really get the feeling of being on the roof of Norway, and the terrain is both easy to ride and magnificent.

Veodalen og Smådalen

Overnatting i telt på sledetur
On both sides of Glittertind run these two fantastic high mountain valleys – in the very heart of Jotunheimen. On our sled expeditions in this area we spend the night in a tent or at the cosy self-service cabin at Glitterheim.


Skreddersydde turer
Huskies exitedly running and pulling a sled through snowy Arctic landscape on a cold winter day. Riisitunturi, Kuusamo, Finland.
Between the magnificent Jotunheimen and Heidalen lies the magical Murudalen. The snow falls early in this area and it’s cold already in October – a perfect place for dog sled rides long before Christmas and when the weather in the high mountains becomes too rough.