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Experience Jotunheimen in a whole different way! From the dog kennel at Jotunheimen Husky Lodge we enjoy both short trips and expeditions lasting several days in the most iconic mountains north of the Alps; Jotunheimen. We ride sleds every day from November until mid-May!

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Huskies are amazing animals. Jotunheimen is an incredible mountain area. We live our lives in close interaction with both. Want to join the adventure?

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Your dream – our passion

While dog sledding or staying at Jotunheimen Husky Lodge, you’re in the best of hands. The hosts are a family of three; Vilja (2 years old), mother Trine and father Øyvind. With experience from dog sledding in Alaska, Svalbard, Alta and Dovrefjell, we open the doors to our family life at our husky lodge in the magnificent and snowy Jotunheimen. When joining our dog sled trips, you’re guaranteed company from one or several of us.

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Customized mountain adventure in Jotunheimen

From November until May, Jotunheimen Husky Lodge runs dog sled trips every single day – and invites you to join short half-day trips or expeditions of several days.

If you don’t find an excursion that’s right for you or your companions, we’ re happy to arrange an experience that fits your needs exactly. Hope to see you!

Morning trip with your own dog team

This three-hour morning trip is a great way to get close to both the dogs and close to nature. Every morning from November 1st to mid-May you can join us on a sled ride in the heart of Jotunheimen. Prepare for a fast-paced day in a gorgeous winter landscape – with roses on your cheeks and a great experience richer. We look forward to seeing you in the crackling snow!

1 day trip with your own dog team

Do you want to steer your own dog sled for one day? Join us and our exited, happy huskies on a trip in one of Norway’s most beautiful mountain areas. We’ll give you the proper training to manage your own dog team. You’ll experience speed and excitement, a steep learning curve, red rosed cheeks and Jotunheimen dressed in her finest winter clothes.

Afternoon trip with your own dog team

Join us on a magical evening of dog sledding in the winter darkness. With the moon and headlights to guide us, we glide through the silence of a snow-covered Jotunheimen. It’s a unique experience to feel the power of the dogs, the speed and the rhythm – surrounded by Norway’s most beautiful nature. See you in the twilight hour!

2-days tent expedition with your own dog team

Experience real wildlife on this two-day tent expedition in Jotunheimen. This trip gives you the chance to properly know the dogs and get a good sense of what it means to be a dog musher. The expedition takes place in one of the most beautiful winter landscapes in Northern Europe – surrounded by towering peaks. And if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll see the Northern Lights?

3-days expedition with your own dog team in Jotunheimen

Join us for three days of dog sledding in the heart of Jotunheimen. Together with happy huskies we frolic in a wonderful winter landscape. This expedition gives you the chance to properly know the dogs and get a good sense of what it means to be a dog musher. We stay at Glitterheim tourist lodge at the foot of Glittertind – Norway’s second highest mountain – in pleasant company with both two- and four-legged. Your winter adventure awaits!

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Is there a better feeling than waking up in Jotunheimen, surrounded by magical pine forests, magnificent mountains and good friends on two and four legs? Jotunheimen Husky Lodge have three spacious self-service apartments with a total of 20 beds.

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Group adventures

At Jotunheimen Husky Lodge we live for teamwork. Getting 30 huskies to move in the same direction is demanding – and extremely fun. A bit like running a business, a workplace or getting a group of friends to dance to the same tune. If you want to experience Jotunheimen – and each other – in a slightly different way, we’ re happy to customize the event to your needs. Please get in touch for an informal chat.

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