Apartment Valdresflye

  • About apartment

    Apartment Valdresflye has a terrace with birds chirping and direct access to fantastic hiking terrain all year round. Not to mention the dog kennel with lots of four-legged friends who appreciate play and company. Apartment Valdresflye has two bedrooms with capacity to host eight people. Since the living room area is a bit limited, the apartment is best suited for groups of six.

    Close to Jotunheimen, close to the holiday feeling and with 30 playful huskies around the corner, you’ll find Jotunheimen Husky Lodge. Here you wake up with the mountain adventure right outside your doorstep all year round. If you want hiking tips or mates to join you, don’t hesitate to ask your two- or four-legged hosts. Welcome!

  • Beds

    Bedroom 1: Family bunk and bunkbed
    Bedroom 2: Two bunkbeds