2-days tent expedition with your own dog team

    • Varighet
    • 2 days
      1 night

    • Sesong
    • January – May

    • Inkludert
    • Tent
      all meals
      experienced guide

  • About the expedition

    DAY 1:
    We start by going through all the equipment, making sure we are prepared to stay outdoors overnight in a tent. We pack the sleds and you are handed “your” dogs. There will be a short and precise instruction on how to ride a sled before we set off from the kennel at Jotunheimen Husky Logde.

    We ride through the mountain pine forest for the first 6 kilometres. Then we start the climb up to the snowy mountains. It’s quite steep, so we must help the dogs for a few kilometres. Happy that the heavy part is over, we stop for lunch and enjoy a hot meal around the campfire.

    After lunch, we continue into Jotunheimen until we find a nice camp site. There we get the dogs ready, before setting up camp. Once settled, we give the dogs dinner before crawling into the tent and arranging dinner for ourselves. If we are lucky, we get a glimpse of the Northern Lights before crawling into the sleeping bags.

    DAY 2:
    The day starts by grooming and giving the dogs their breakfast. While they take a nap digesting their food, we eat ours. After packing the camp ang getting the dogs ready for another day in front of the sled, we’ll have a good ride around the mountains. Before heading back to the logde, we enjoy a warm lunch around the campfire.

    Back at the kennels, we unharness the dogs and thank them for the ride. Before everyone heads home, we enjoy a small snack together and summarize the trip – hopefully full of impressions and new experiences.

    Welcome to your wilderness expedition as a dog musher!

  • Duration

    2 days (1 night)

  • Season

    January – April 15th

  • Including

    Tents, meals, sleds, dogs and experienced guide

  • Packing list

  • All participants must wear/bring:

    • 2 x woolen underwear
    • 2 x thick wool socks
    • 2 x thin wool socks
    • Warm jacket
    • Warm and windproof outer covering suited for Norwegian winter
    • Warm shoes
    • Warm hat and mittens/gloves
    • Hut sack (also known as hut sleepers)/fleece bag
    • Close to wear indoors
    • Camera
    • Ski goggles/sunglasses
    • Sleeping bag
    • Sleeping mat